Stump Grinding and Removal

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You either had a tree removed or you have plans to have a tree removed. How will you handle the stump? There are two alternatives available: either you eliminate the stump and all of its roots, or you just grind the stump down until it is buried. Germantown Tree Experts is happy to assist, whether you want to totally remove the stump or just grind it down. In the Greater Memphis Area, we offer speedy and dependable stump grinding and stump removal. We shall discuss the two and some of their distinctions in this brief essay. Simply pick up the phone and give Collierville Tree Service a call when you are ready to make an appointment to speak with a polite representative.

How Do You Remove A Stump?

Even though a stump removal might sound like a simple task from the word alone, a lot goes into it. Frequently, you will only have a stump once the tree has been felled and its limbs have been removed. The roots of this stump will decompose naturally over time, however some landowners prefer to remove the stump as soon as feasible. The stump and roots are forcibly removed from the ground in this incredibly invasive process. As you may expect, this can destroy your lawn and wreck havoc on your yard. Due to this, a lot of landowners choose to have the stump ground down instead.

Stump grinding: What Is It?

The definition of stump grinding is more obvious. The stump must be ground down up to 18 inches into the ground. As the roots and remaining portions of the stump deteriorate over time, the remaining work is left to nature. By doing this, the stump is hidden from view, getting rid of the eyesore and trip danger. It also prevents the excavation of your yard. Although there may be a hole left in the yard after stump grinding, this is nothing compared to what happens after a stump is removed.

Which should I pick?

We are unable to provide you with a definitive response because it is dependent upon your preferences and situation. Here is a brief review of the benefits and drawbacks of each so that you may choose wisely.

A stump removal removes the stump and its roots entirely, preventing any chance of regrowth. However, due to its greater scope, a stump removal in the Greater Memphis Area is inherently more expensive than a stump grinding. You can see how entirely removing the stump is more expensive when you take into account the expense of rebuilding your yard.

Although grinding the stump is speedier and reasonably effective, it also leaves the roots in place, opening the door for regrowth. Sawdust may also be left behind. Termite penetration is possible if you don’t clean thoroughly enough.

However you decide to go, the staff at Germantown Tree Experts is prepared to assist. Call right away to speak with a representative and reserve your convenient appointment.

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