Storm Damage Work

Although trees are undoubtedly magnificent, they can quickly turn harmful or even fatal during intense thunderstorms or ice storms. Trees that have been uprooted, branches that have fallen, and electrical power lines that have been damaged by trees all present dangers to property owners. Germantown Tree Experts is always available to provide an immediate response to minimize the risks of tree debris in emergency situations like these. In these circumstances, we run our company around-the-clock to provide Greater Memphis area property owners with quick tree services.

Additionally, we take pleasure in being the go-to source for tree care in Germantown during these kinds of emergency situations. Businesses and home owners frequently experience complete paralysis as a result of toppled trees and electrical power lines.

Access to or from residential or commercial properties may be impeded by collapsed trees or branches, or it may even be impossible. We are typically the first to arrive in these types of unanticipated emergency situations to clear the way for other first responders, such as fire, police enforcement, energy providers, and medical staff.

By carefully preserving your trees through trimming, you can somewhat avoid problems. Please get in touch with us to look at the trees that are most likely to cause property damage. Trees that are close to roofs and high-voltage lines are frequently to blame for the majority of damage during ice and wind storms. Have our crew trim or even remove these hazardous branches, or even entire trees, as a preventive maintenance measure before they become a more costly matter.

If you do, unhappily, have tree damage issues in the neighborhood, call us right away—even around the clock—for prompt, reasonably priced clean-up services. Even though some homeowners might attempt little cleanup tasks, major jobs should be left to professionals, especially in emergency situations where electrical high-voltage lines are down or other dangerous conditions prevail.

An expert response to trees damaged by storms

As soon as you call, we stick to the script as follows:

  • When time is of the essence, one of our customer service specialists will arrive at your home or place of business right away to assess the storm or ice damage. We will immediately start the quotation process.
  • One of our business office support staff members will provide you a written quote via email in typically less than a few hours, but frequently within the hour;
  • After that, our company will immediately dispatch one of our emergency tree crews to your residence or place of business to begin the cleanup process;
  • On-site, we will first identify and address any dangerous circumstances resulting from downed, uprooted, or damaged trees while coordinating with other first responders to address the hazardous conditions;
  • Our team will begin the cleanup process by removing all tree debris after the area has been rendered secure (limbs, branches, fallen or uprooted trees, etc.). All of this trash will be removed, either by using our machinery chippers for the smaller limbs and branches or by breaking it up into manageable bits.
  • Any and all evidence of ice or thunderstorm damage will be removed as soon as we are finished, restoring your residential or business property to its pre-storm state.