Tree Removal

It could be time to have your tree (or several trees) removed, whether it’s to improve the aesthetics of your property or get rid of the risk that hollow or fallen trees pose. Ask our professionals!

Tree Trimming

Regular tree pruning or trimming can enhance the beauty of your trees and safeguard your property. Improved form, balance, health, and safety of your trees goes a long way toward improving your home.

Stump Grinding

Even the most difficult stumps may be removed by Germantown Tree Experts thanks to our specialist equipment. By preventing regrowth, stump grinding enables you to replant where your tree once stood. 

Storm Damage Work

Memphis weather has been known to wreak havoc on trees. Heavy rain, wind, and ice can cause extensive damage to trees and can result in entire trees snapping over or being uprooted, broken branches and stems, and hanging limbs that can pose a risk. Germantown Tree Experts is always available for emergency work after the storm ends and trees can be safely removed.

Commercial Trees

Our team of experienced and accredited arborists  tailor our service recommendations to meet the unique and specific needs of the commercial space.  We work with property management for any sized commerical property.  Multiple trucks and equipment configuration options allow us to safely complete your tree project without disturbing your business or tenants.

Emergency Removals

Memphis storms have the potential to harm your home. Your trees may endanger your home, your property, and your electricity lines during a powerful storm. It is crucial to act swiftly in the majority of these situations to prevent further damage. We at Music Germantown Tree Experts have what it takes to help return your house to normal as soon as possible. 

About Germantown Tree Experts

We are your local tree experts for Germantown and the surrounding greater Memphis area. Our goal is to professionally and environmentally responsible care for our clients’ most important landscape assets, from helping them resolve immediate tree care difficulties to creating long-term stewardship.

We have been providing the greatest tree and shrub care to residential, commercial, non-profit, and several neighborhood associations properties for years. Give us the chance to offer you any of our services or support. 

We’ve worked hard over the  to build a reputation for excellent customer service and quality work. When you hire us, you’ll get reasonable pricing and professional results from all our tree services. You can put your trust in Germantown Tree Experts.